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English - Croatian Talking Text Translator + Talking Dictionary + Talking Phrase Book



The V5 Croatian is a revolutionary, expandable pocket TEXT

Translator & Dictionary !  it translates full sentences from English

 to Croatian or Croatian to English  with 70% to 100% accuracy..! 

The sophisticated algorithm is combined with built in large amount

of professional  database.. hundred of thousands words and phrases 

This product is designed for learners, travelers and business people

regardless of  your proficiency.. English speakers to learn Croatian or

Croatian speakers  to learn English. It runs fully autonomously, no internet

connection is necessary and can  therefore be used at any time & anywhere. 


Talking Sentence & Text Translator -- Expandable :

* Uses a new sophisticated text translation algorithm, combined with a large professional database

* Generates back an understandable text translation every time -- vice versa!

* Type just about anything - words, phrases and longer texts!

* Over 5.000.000 translations (English < -- > Croatian)


Talking Dictionaries : 

 * English - Croatian Dictionary 50,000 words, 1.000.000 Translations
* English - Croatian Dictionary 450,000 words, 900.000 Translations

* Croatian x English Dictionary 50,000 words, 1.000.000 Translations

 * Croatian x English Dictionary 550,000 words, 900.000 Translations
* Great English - English dictionary (330,000 words)
 * English Medical Dictionary (46,000 headwords, 500.000 Translations)
 * English Drug Dictionary (5,700 headwords 150.000 Translations)


Talking Phrase Book :

* English- Croatian -English Phrase Book (7,000 phrases).

* covers most comon words, phrases, idioms grammar,

sentence patterns and every day expressions.

   in all general categories, such as: tourism, health,

 business, law, military and education etc.


  Pronunciation :  

* True human pronunciation for Croatian and English.

* Optional Computer Pronunciation provides a slower pace by

 separately pronouncing each individual word in the phrase can help ones to clearly

distinguish the correct pronunciation for each word.

* Speaks all Croatian and English Phrases of Self-Combination in Text Translation, Words or Phrases in built-in Dictionary and Phrase Book.

* Adjustable audio speed let you to hear the voice in a natural expression or a slower speed can help you

to follow the voice pronunciation.

* Recording your pronunciation to match with the native speaker.


Grammar and Learning  Course: 

* English Lessons and Inflections.

-- 10 English Lessons and English Phonetic designed by professional English Teachers.

-- 15 English Classic Novels with audio.

-- 220 English Encyclopedic articles with audio.

-- English Irregular Verb Dictionary 840 words.

-- English Verb Conjugation 7,000 headwords.

-- 17 English Verb Tenses

-- English Noun Inflection 30,000 headwords.

-- English Adjective Inflection 12,000 headwords. -- English Synonym 15,000 words, Antonym 12,000 words. -- English Vocabulary, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE, SAT and TOEIC. -- English Tests, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, SAT, Grammar and Vocabulary. -- Game Tests of Conjumania, Guess the Word and Hangman. -- Introduction of English Grammar and Tense. • Croatian Lessons and Inflections. -- Croatian Verb Conjugation 5,500 headwords -- 18 Croatian Verb Tenses -- Croatian Noun Inflection 17,000 headwords -- Croatian Adjective Inflection 4,000 headwords -- Croatian Synonym -- Lesson of Croatian Phonetic. • English-Croatian-English Phrase Book (7,000 phrases).


 User Interface :

* Built in Universal Search Engine allow you to input any phrases or examples, keywords or words,

easy to locate a word of phrase which is needed at the moment.

* Lookup and Cross Search any words, keywords or phrases in the different dictionaries.

* Croatian is displayed with both Cyrillic and Roman phonetic.

* Spaniinput method of both Cyrillic and Phonetic.


* User Dictionary contains Add New Words, Favorite and History.

* Expandable Language Pack for over 70 languages with your choice.

* MSD (Micro SD card) and USB connection.

* Zoom/Enlarge LCD.

* Other features of Voice Recorder, Scientific Calculator, Unit Conversions and Text Reader.


 Power and Battery Life:

* Use Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery 1050mAh

* Charging Time: 3 hours for fully charge

• Standby time: Up to 60 days• Non-stop use: Up to 7 hours• Audio playback: Up to 5.5 hours



* LCD 4.3 Color TFT LCD, 480 x 272 dots, Touch Screen, Handwriting.

*• Product Size: 14 x 8.9  x 2.3 cm

 • Product Weight: 222 gram



· 1 x Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery 1050 mAH

· 1 x 110V/220V/240V Universal Charger

· 1 x earphone; 1 x USB cable; 1 x Stylus.

· 1 x User Manual;  1 x Protective Pouch


 Packing Details :

 • Package Size: 22 cm x 16 cm x 5.5 cm 

 • Package Weight: 650 gram


Croatian-English (expandable)

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